Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I'm working on these future Porcelain Ceramic Ball-Jointed Dolls BJD - Val Zubiri

I am experimenting with the heading. I think Google places a lot of importance on the heading and key words, including my name, should appear once in a while.

Here are some heads I had been working on. I took these pictures after I was happy with the number of faces / heads I finished. When I sculpt the head, the face is first. Then I put it in the oven to harden it. The back of the face is added, and the head is baked again.

I do this because I'm not selling the polymer clay as a final product. Some artists sculpt and finish their work in polymer clay. Basically, by finalizing in porcelain, I have many more stages to go.

I encourage a group buy, or a single collector to have a set with the same theme, because doing this involves a lot of stages, and it is better to make these as a group. Whatever works, it's not like I don't have too much time right now, but as I have always said, this art takes time.

Oh, I saw Kinky Boots, the Musical, when it was in Chicago, before it was taken to New York. I decided to buy a mug, because I'm into coffee a lot. As I walked out of the theater, I saw a friend holding a mug as well. I thought it was funny. I don't know if you noticed, but the design is on the other side - it's a left-handed mug. I'm left-handed.

Speaking of hands, I must let you know that my hands aren't equal. I don't hide the fact that one of my hands presses more than the other. This results in an unbalanced face, usually the left side of my doll's faces are have deeper recesses, because my right thumb presses harder than the left thumb, while sculpting a face.

Speaking of other defects. I have eye problems and I'm not getting any younger. Last year I was diagnosed with retinal scarring. I used to always see something like a ball of light floating around the periphery of my vision, on both the left and right eyes. My neighbor told me it might be too much diet soda, so I stopped drinking diet soda, and the ball of light has become less frequent. You can get blind from retinal scarring, so go to an optician and get your eyes dilated and examined once in a while, if you're seeing balls of light floating about. Those are not alien beings and you're not psychic, you might have retinal scarring, like me. But think twice before getting laser treatment.

I hope you like my work. Feel free to use my pictures as long as it's noncommercial.


  1. You're doing very nice work Val. And your photography has improved dramatically also.

    1. Thanks Larry! After a long time I got them right!


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