Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Six Finished Dolls - Doll # 1

I want to name them, but I have this notion, an interpretation of Construction - Deconstruction. So it takes a long time to make a doll, even when they are in a batch. The process with the porcelain requires for the dolls to go in the kiln about 7 times, all the while hoping that nothing goes wrong.

Then there is dressing them up, and adding the wig and jewelry, etc. Then I add the backdrop.

So my construction - deconstruction thing is to finally name the dolls really long names and give them funny stories. I also think this stems in the fact that my full name, Valentino is 4 syllables. When I was in school, Valentino was the longest names in school.

Here's something else, I am also adding my last name as if they were my ex-wives. Sorry, but it's a stupid joke, and it's a way to get my name circulating with the dolls. I've never been into naming them normal names. Then I say, in some other reality, I'm sure all this is real. haha. I'm going to say so-and-so is my 938th wife. So I'll assign a random number and just later on catalog which set really was first and so on.

I'll write more on the next entries.

So here's my first of the six. I hope you like them, and share this blog with your friends and kids.

Once again, I'm posting in order to let kids and other internet users use the pics for themselves, like avatars or making non-commercial greeting cards and adding poetry, etc.. This is also the reason for the green screen.

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