Monday, May 7, 2012

Just finished pouring ceramic porcelain slip - BJD doll parts

A screenshot of my vid. (6 minutes)
I just made a video on It's a few seconds of panning across my muddy molds. I am hoping to make 5 sets from this batch, which will go to one single diorama. The pieces have dried, but they have to be smoothed out. Then I'll put them in the kiln.

Check out my script / book DOLLMAN THE MUSICAL - A Memoir Of An Artist As A Dollmaker. The e-book version is now on, Barnes& and It's also on Apple. I hope you like the book. I submitted it to some Hollywood film companies and 2 weeks ago DreamWorks Animation called me and wanted my release so they can read and evaluate it. It's a good sign, especially since they called Monday at 9 a.m. their California time. Maybe other companies are reviewing it as well, I don't know yet. :-)