Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Six Finished Dolls - Doll # 3

Here is Doll # 3

Sorry, but I had been asked on Facebook if my dolls are still available. Someone already owns this set. I prefer to sell a set. The clothes will have the same theme.

My idea for this set was Summer, Sleeveless, flat shoes, 1950's 1960's. As if Ann Margret was performing in Bye Bye Birdie. Did you ever see that movie? lol.

Just to let you know, I clocked myself making the shirts. Yes, they may be sleeveless, but it took between 6 to 8 hours for each one of them. I drink a lot of coffee and I did way back. Sometimes I stopped working at 8 a.m.! I will show you two pictures of my clutter. I also took a footage of the clutter, where I panned my camera, so there was a lot of fabric and thread on the floor, then I showed my sewing machine and serger, and then I also showed some books and my electric guitars nearby.

Whenever I worked on the dolls, I sometimes had tutorials on writing or music - guitar playing, harmony, etc., playing on the computer screen. I don't watch television. I tend to watch whatever is online. I'm surprised YouTube has long documentaries, and I like watching stuff about aliens and UFOs - well, I'm a writer, so I'm looking for stories I might possibly become interested in writing.

Here's the third doll. Take the green screen out with Photoshop or something else, if you want to make the pictures more personalized. I hope you like my work.

I will finalize the hair when I give them to the collector. I don't want to keep styling the hair too much. This is why this one has "big hair" even though it's straight. We're talking miniatures anyway, so it's not like you put some sort of conditioner or whatever here. My biggest worry is preservation of the work. The porcelain keeps forever, as long as the piece is not dropped, but I have to make sure the rest of the work is durable. I can't just experiment with materials, because at the end of the day, these are art dolls. You can check Wikipedia - there is an entry called "Art Doll."

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