Friday, September 6, 2013

Porcelain Black Specks / Coring / Carbon - problem and troubleshooting

When working with porcelain, I have encountered those black specks in the past... last year. I have solved them. If you are working with porcelain, email me at, I will be happy to guide you, but I will need to know what type of kiln you have, etc. I don't want to use this blog for porcelain tips, because I've decided to use this as my vehicle for promoting my art dolls.

In exchange, do you mind if you follow this blog, twitter and I also want to include you in my possible future mailing list to update people about my art and current offers. You will be included in future raffles of my work, unless you opt out.

I also have a facebook page. I just launched The Worldwide Sshhh. SSHHH means Same Sex Hold Hands Holiday. Here in Chicago / Illinois, marriage equality for the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered) community did not pass. It suddenly occurred to me that if people see same sex couples hold hands, maybe toleration will come from the public's heart and mind, and eventually the laws would be affected. The simple gesture of holding hands between people who love each other, who happen to be the same sex, even just the thought of it, makes people uneasy. Yet straight people can kiss and cavort, much to the disapproval of some parents with their kids. Can you see and feel the disparity?

I'm male, if you were my dad, grandpa or brother, or lover, would you hold my hand in public? Would you support my cause?

Please like the page if you agree with me. Please spread the word if you can.

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