Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Six Finished Dolls - Doll # 5

I used glass beads for the necklaces. The earrings are Swarovski crystals. I had been collecting glass beads for a while, and I had been looking forward to making combinations of them. I also made sure that they did not totally coordinate with the wardrobe. My idea was "Girls Day Off Work," so I was thinking it would make sense to put on something comfortable. haha.

I was asked if I'm into playing with dolls. That's a tricky question.

I've always seen myself as a producer, not as a consumer. When I got into this early on, it was the riddle of becoming a producer. However, as an artist, I would not do this if it weren't fun.

So I'm having fun making this, thinking about this, etc., but do I play with them? The answer would be no.

Here's one thing you might want to consider. The dolls are made of porcelain, and it would be most advisable not to handle them too much. They should be left alone and the enjoyment should come from viewing them, not touching them too much.

Part of the definition of "Art Doll" is that they are contemporary art, they are fine art, and nowhere is it mentioned that they are toys to be played with through too much handling.

In a way, my work invites handling. That's part of the art. It looks like a toy, and it can be a toy, but it's best left alone and displayed.

Below are only two pictures of this doll. I thought I took enough pictures, but apparently not.

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