Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Six Finished Dolls by Valentino Zubiri - Doll # 4

I use different doll heads. What you might not know yet, is that each doll head gets sculpted separately. Then a plaster mold is made, which is made up of 4 pieces - the face, the neck area and a left and right side that include the ears and the back of the head. All this takes time to make.

This is my chosen thing to do, I don't want to take orders as if the molds are already waiting. Because of this, what I plan to do is to make the exact number of heads as agreed, this is one option, and just surprise myself and the collector on the actual look of the doll. I make the decisions anyway, including the hair. Of course you might think I might unintentionally make an ugly face, but even that might be intentional.

I read somewhere where we as human beings, including babies, can recognize faces, even though there are billions us here on earth. In another article, I also read that we human beings can tell a beautiful face from an ugly face. With that in mind, trust me to make acceptable images. In addition, the process of making these art dolls continues to the makeup / faceup, and dressing / costuming. Just like a real human being, the later processes are elements which can add to the beauty of even what you might think as ugly in the beginning. It's like making a swan out of an ugly duckling.

As you can see, each doll used a different hair style. The hair came from separate packages of real hair. I reused the same fabric for a top and a pair of pants. I did that on purpose. I will reuse the same hair source, if the set calls for it, like a set of sisters would have the same hair color and maybe even the same curl.

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