Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Six Finished Zubiri Dolls - Doll # 6

Once again, since BlogSpot posts in reverse, I just want to remind everyone that I am posting so you can use the pictures online, in a non-commercial manner. The green screen background, if you know how, can be keyed out, and replaced with your choice of backgrounds, and you might want to use these as avatars in the forums go you to, or you can add poetry or use the images for your invitations to your parties.

One bad thing about getting into this, is that I tend to buy more supplies than needed. I have a lot of fabric at home. These dolls don't need a lot.

This set comes with the stained glass panels in the back. I did not stop at making the dolls. I have always felt the need to add more elements, in this case, some stained glass panels, which themselves takes time to make. It added to the delay of the work, but I'm happy I did it.

The solder is lead-free solder. I read somewhere that whatever lead is in a regular solder really is not cause for worry. Leaded solder makes smoother work. Lead-free solder is clumpy. Some say it's difficult to "tame" but I was targeting having a clumpy solder look. It takes the monotony of a smooth solder. People in general don't know much about soldering but they know a regular type of solder when they see one. Hence, clumpy solder looks unfamiliar and is a way to throw off the viewer.

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