Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Conspiracy Show with Richard Syrett: I'm a Featured Guest Sunday October 4, 2015

I will be a featured author and guest at The Conspiracy Show with Richard Syrett, tomorrow, Sunday October 4, 2015. It is a weekly radio show that talks about conspiracy theories and the paranormal. It is based in Toronto, Canada, but the show is syndicated, including 30 stations in the US and more in other countries. I've listened to Richard's show for years, and he also subs for George Noory in Coast to Coast AM, since the show airs 7 days a week, George Noory does 5 days and gets 2 days off by letting other hosts do the show. 

My book, Hocus Pocus Lately will be the unifying factor. It is my more paranormal memoir. I have an hour to talk on the air, so I hope you will listen. If you miss the show, they share their shows the following Monday, on YouTube.

You can get their app so you won't miss the broadcast and also have access to all the show's previous shows. You can also go to YouTube for their shows.

Here is the link to their website's homepage:

Here is the link to their YouTube channel:

I decided to screen capture my pages below, because the way their pages are setup, the contents will be changed for the following week's next show as soon as the current show begins airing.

This is the website's Homepage:

This is the page for the guests' profiles:

This is the page for the book info:

I decided to enlarge the text that mentioned me. This is for posterity's sake. I named the files so Google Images Search will also find me.

I will post the link to the YouTube video / audio as soon as they post it.

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