Sunday, October 4, 2015

New Men's Dress Shoes for My Male Dolls

I've been bad, coz I'm trying to catch up on this blog.

I'm going to just continue sharing my projects, and since I'm involved with other stuff, which might not be directly doll-related, I'm just going ahead posting everything about me. I have a radio interview tonight, and I want some doll-related pictures on here. 

Here are some of my new male doll dress shoes. I've finished a few male dolls, and I really haven't posted anything. I am not sure if I can post in time for tonight's radio interview. I'll just be as fast as possible and see how far I can progress with the entrees.

I discovered another method of making shoes, after I made this batch. You will notice a marked improvement from this group of 5 men's shoes to the next 10 plus women's boots in the next entry. However, I must let you know that each pair here took me two days of work.

The exterior texture and colors vary. I like using a variety of prints for the interior lining of the shoes. Their a nice secret surprise. You might also notice the variety of soles and chains.


  1. Fabulous job! So realistic looking.

    1. Thanks Vanessa! Each one took a day to make, I zone everything out to focus on these, like figuring out a puzzle.


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