Saturday, October 3, 2015

Jerry Miller - Empty Space - Creating A Theater In Your Church

I helped edit and then I also designed Reverend Jerry Miller's book, Empty Space - Creating A Theater In Your Church, Step-by-Step. He's very happy with the contributions I did for him. He gave me an autographed copy. I took pictures of him with his book, when he and I had coffee so I can see the books which he ordered and had sent to his home. Click here to go to The link will open in a new window.

Reverend Jerry Miller is an author, actor, director, writer, producer and lecturer. He has converted “Empty Spaces” of churches into theaters. These theaters have produced plays and arts projects that address social injustice. He is a consultant to churches, other groups and individuals who seek to change their "Empty Spaces" into theater and arts centers that successfully advocate, educate and motivate the public. Jerry holds a Masters in Theology from Perkins at Southern Methodist University and a Masters in Fine Arts from the University of South Carolina. Jerry currently lives in Chicago, Illinois. Reverend Jerry Miller is an author, actor, director, producer and lecturer. If you have plans to put on a show, he can be reached via his email or call 773-426-1168.

If you need help with your book, see if I'm free. My email is 
Jerry Miller - Empty Space: Creating a Theater in Your Church, Step-by-Step

And Here's My Autographed Copy: 

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