Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Porcelain and polymer clay doll heads

Here are two pictures of my early doll heads.  I sculpt using polymer clay, and then make the molds for porcelain.  You can sculpt porcelain, but that's another topic. 

The white head on the left is porcelain at the bisque stage.  It was my first ever doll's head which I felt was okay.  It took me such a long time to sculpt the initial polymer clay.  After the polymer clay stage, I immediately wanted to learn how to make molds and get to the porcelain stage, because I needed to learn all the different stages of the doll-making process.  After this, I went back to sculpting heads and decided to try making children's heads.  I got to this point below, to the ability to make symmetrical faces after practicing to make as much as 1000 doll heads using my chosen polymer clay.  Practice makes perfect, but then again, nothing is really perfect or final, since new things and ideas crop up.

It is okay to copy my pics and my text on your blog or online website as long as you credit me. 

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