Monday, June 20, 2011

I worked on my art even on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and made progress

If you look at some of the photographs, some were taken on December 8 and some on December 23, 2010.

I remember working even on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I did not go out, nor celebrate with anyone. I always have this thought that on days when I know people are having parties and socializing, I would prefer to be by myself, and try to make progress on whatever endeavor I do. It is a little lonely, but that's another story.

I shelved the first doll design because I thought it was too tall, even though I had already made the plaster molds. It was good practice up to that point, because I was a little afraid of making a smaller, shorter doll, because a smaller doll would mean a smaller face, and tinier features which I did not want to tackle early on. So when I was confident enough to make a shorter doll, I went ahead and started sculpting smaller heads.

At first, I started with baking the eyeballs first, then sticking them into bigger balls that were the heads. 

Later on, I realized that although I was just practicing, and baking the works for posterity, I was probably using too much of my polymer clay. So I decided to just make the faces and then add the backs of the heads later if I wanted to. 

I started making childlike heads and then childlike faces, and that was because the eyeballs were a little too big for the heads. I also read somewhere that having a wide-eyed look makes people attractive, because that is the young, inquisitive, inviting look of a baby. The way I positioned the eyes and because they don't have eyelids yet, made them look a lot like children.

I knew I had to alter the approach I was doing with the eyes. When I did a different approach to the eyes, I was able to make the faces look a little more mature. I then experimented with making male- and female-looking faces. 

Another challenge was to see if I can make the faces look ethnically distinguishable, or something like that. The faces above all look different, but I would still consider them accidents. Even now, I want to keep making faces. I will eventually practice sculpting exact likenesses of people at the scale of an inch from ear to ear.

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