Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Finally beginning to add Pictures of my Porcelain Doll / Dollwork

This will be the first of a lot of pics that I have taken so far.  I also have videos, but I'm just now beginning to take time to learn how to edit the clips to get the jitters out and stabilize the footage(s).

I'm not posting according to the timeline.  I'll be jumping back and forth, depending on which batch of pics I'm able to edit / retouch.  I have earlier sets of pictures from my cellphone, which I took as I felt comfortable enough, not to share them online, but to send them to a few friends with whom I was sharing my progress.

I don't plan to show "perfect" dolls anytime soon.  I kinda realized that all this porcelain doll project takes time, I'm just grateful I'm at this stage in my learning.  I know that porcelain dolls can be collectible, but I don't know if I will be collectible, my eyes are not the best and I can't get a steady hold of the porcelain doll pieces when they are at a chalky stage, as I smoothen them out, so I tend to break a lot of them.

Porcelain dolls are very difficult to make.  I have no plans to produce these in commercial quantity, I would rather be represented by a fine art gallery that can sell whatever little quantity I have.  I will eventually look for a gallery or two, but I'm also a writer, I will also eventually try to get an agent and a publisher.  I love procrastination, and sharing on the internet is very stressful for me, which makes me procrastinate even more.

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