Monday, June 20, 2011

I worked from New Year's Eve up to noontime on New Years Day

I considered New Year's Day as another "working day."  I was into what I was doing, it's not like this art is tedious, not for me. I am doing what I like to do, and I know there will be rewards. I thought I would make progress and I did. I came up with 8 doll heads, which I was happy with. I got to make plaster molds for each one of them. 

This first set, I forgot to pierce the ears, but I was not into making any earrings yet, I needed to see how they would look like, before I went ahead to making molds of the body parts. 

The polymer clay prototypes have lines on them which I used as guides when making the plaster molds. Each plaster mold for each doll head is made up of 4 interlocking pieces: 1. the side for the face, 2. the side for the base (where the neck would attach), and 3. two left and right sides for the back. The hole for pouring would be on the head, and that resulting hole produced on the ceramic would also serve another purpose--the way the head is secured to the rest of the body is through springs and a final wire would hook through the hole on the head. 

The head would be covered with hair (or not, if I decide otherwise), so (maybe) the wires and the holes would be hidden from view.

You will notice that the ceramic shrinks after the kiln. 

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