Thursday, September 8, 2011

THANKS FOR FOLLOWING ME ON TWITTER! Please keep following me!

After just 14 days, I now have 450 followers! I kinda noticed however, that Twitter has a limited of the number to follow (2,000), so I need to get about just under 1,900 followers before I am able to start following again.

The alternative would be to unfollow some people who don't seem to be actively tweeting anyway.

Nevertheless, 450 in 14 days is a great accomplishment.  I noticed a few doll magazines following me, which I think is a vote of confidence. Now I really have to produce (eeks).

Over the last few days, I had taken picture and been composing a blog entry which I have yet to finish. I can't seem to sit around long enough to finish it. I have a few pictures to go with it, but like my other pictures here, I want to chronicle not just my progress, but comment about my pictures as well. I'm making things difficult for me.

Yesterday afternoon I went to the nearby ceramic supply shop, and that took a long time, so I was not able to do much else. I bought more high temp wire, and 4 frits which I want to experiment with. I also bought some glazes and a brown Amaco pencil. I think the pencil can withstand Cone 5. I also bought a clear satin finish glaze and a clear matte finish glaze.
I did two sets of firings in the kiln on two sets of doll parts... I wanted to see how clear gloss glaze looked like. I learned two things. First is that gloss glaze is too shiny. If the attempt is to make the dolls appear human, and appear to have human clothes (fabric), then high gloss glaze is not advisable. Secondly, the instructions of coating the pieces three times is valid, because one single layer is not enough to produce an even, glossy surface. I will present pictures of this stage soon.

I'm thinking of what to present on my facebook page, here so that the entries or pictures do not become redundant. Not sure what to do yet.


  1. I pretty much have the same problem with what pictures to post. I wind up posting the same all three places, twitter, fb and blogspot. I do this because on fb, I have like 530 fans and here on blogspot I have 18 followers and twitter I have like 90 or so lol. So I try to reach the masses and those in the middle LOL.

  2. Hi Chynadoll
    I'm also being anal. I discovered that to be found on Google Search pics, while I must post my pics as usual, I have to rename my pics with all different types of keyword combinations. Then I also made the decision to add snippets of explanations on my pics. My posts have regular text, but also a different set of text and topics on the pics. Very anal. lol. But it pays off. Thanks for your comment! Keep posting. Experiment with renaming your pics, add your keywords, and then wait-- see if Google shows it the same or the following day.


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