Thursday, September 8, 2011

I've also been busy with my theater group

I am a volunteer for a theater group here in Chicago. Supposedly, I read it somewhere, that there are usually 300 to under 500 theater groups in Chicago in any given year. I'm supposed to make the souvenir program, and take the program to a printer.

Theater groups are supposed to be fun. Tonight, I feel like I've stretched myself thin.

I have this doll project. By now, I have discovered that making ball-jointed dolls, or ceramics, is serious work. A lot of artists paint, that's a given, and not too many work with ceramics. What is "worse," is that I sculpt tiny doll heads, and make molds of small doll body parts, and produce porcelain doll parts from these. Most people who do ceramics can't begin to imagine doing what I do.

I have been stretching myself by volunteering for theater, and doing the monumental solo task of producing and promoting my dollwork. If I have to quit anything, it would be the theater group.

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