Monday, September 19, 2011

I'm out of town right now

A few months ago I volunteered to do the souvenir program for a theater group which I had joined on and off in the past. I finally finished the souvenir program last Friday at around 2 a.m. I met my deadline, because the Saturday following, I was going out of town for work.

I was so absentminded when I left. I brought my laptop but did not bring  my adapter. Luckily I was able to borrow someone else's adapter.

It is now Monday, and I'm still out of town. This trip will be over by Friday, when I should be back in Chicago in time for the opening night. However, I'm going out of town again the following day, Saturday, and again, I won't be back until the following Friday.

Only then will I be able to work again on my dolls, and my goal is to be able to paint at least one. I already got done painting china paint swatches over two glazed tiles, one has a matte finish and another has a satin finish. I had wanted to blog about the two new tiles, like I did about the unglazed bisque tile, but that will have to wait for another 11 days, because the only thing I would be able to do this coming Friday is to go to the opening night of my theater group.

The theater group was hard work, but unfortunately, there would only be three shows, Friday night, and a matinee and an evening show on Saturday. Would have been nice if it was a month-long run, but the producers had problems with the financial part.

Thanks to all those who just recently followed me. I hope you also don't mind if I follow you back.

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