Monday, March 31, 2014

Three New Memoirs Coming Soon - Wonder, Hocus Pocus Lately and Leadership Rubs: 1-Hour Mentors

I was busy finalizing 3 Memoirs / books.

In February, I began finalizing 3 books, so I pretty much decided to shut myself in.

So friends come up once in a while, asking me where I had been.

My usual answer was "Oh, I'm writing a book. It's a memoir. Well, actually three books, all of them are my memoirs. That's why I've decided to shut in. Some days I haven't been productive and that's not good. I'm way past my deadline and I'm very disappointed with myself."

Who writes three memoirs at the same time? In two months? Actually some chapters are writings from 2005 and 2006.

So now I have four memoirs. The three new ones and Dollman the Musical from 2012. I have a 5th book I will work on soon. It's only 100 pages worth so far.

I want to be known as the artist who writes memoirs. That was my idea from the beginning, that the way I want to become collectible is because I wrote memoirs. Not just books, but memoirs. My goal is to get into a high end gallery and be in the 7 to 8 figures. It could be a while, but my joke is that anything less than 7 figures, you're getting a bargain. I got stuff on ebay. heeh :-) I can self-publish, but I'm sending copies to someone I know at a major publisher.

Below are my cover designs. I wanted to show my art dolls. I'm sending copies to only about 2 galleries, a publishers and a few financial institutions.

A Paranormal Memoir of a
Soon-To-Be Famous Anonymous Artist
as a Reluctant Healer
Real Healing Lessons from a Psychic Surgeon &
How You & I Can Do It Now
by Valentino "Val" Zubiri

Inspiring Conversations with Famous Clients by a
Soon-To-Be Famous Anonymous Artist
Who Became a Masseur Just to Meet Them
by Valentino "Val" Zubiri

A Memoir of Relative Importance of a
Soon-To-Be Famous Anonymous Artist
by Valentino "Val" Zubiri

A Memoir of an Artist as a Dollmaker
by Valentino "Val" Zubiri


  1. Good luck! I like that...soon to be famous anonymous artist!

  2. I'm following someone's advice, some kids look at my stuff, I can't keep interesting but below the belt comments. lmao.


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