Sunday, January 9, 2011

If You Work With Porcelain Clay, Wear Cashmere and Black Pants

If you plan to do what I do, wear comfortable clothing, and if it is cold, wear a comfortable sweater.

I wear cashmere because that is what I have at home, lol, and I actually also sleep in cashmere sweater if it's cold. I do also wear black pants once in a while. Why? Because these help me be careful, be responsible and avoid messing up my place. I also have a vacuum cleaner. Clay dries and falls on the floor or falls on the floor and dries. Liquid clay can spill if you're not careful.

I also have my computer and my television nearby. I tend to watch animation because it gives me ideas on the doll project. The refrigerator and coffeemaker are near me. And, I just bought chocolate and candy.

Well, what I'm saying is that you make sure you are happy and comfortable while doing what you're doing, because that's how you will want to stick to your project and see it through. And, if you happen to get into your project and your project needs a lot of time and effort, you just might end up being antisocial and alone for a while, like me, but happily so, so where else can you wear your cashmere?

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