Monday, July 30, 2012

Coffee and Cake... and Screenwriting Books!

I'm just beginning to catch up with my blogging and editing pics to include. I was out of town in February 2012, doing something worthy of writing about (still confidential hehe).

I discovered that Dov Simens Filmmaking School was coming to Chicago at the opportune time when I would be back! I heard about this 2-day seminar years back, when a friend, who was a former staff writer for the tv shows, The Jeffersons and Sanford and Son, highly recommended it and mentioned it to me many times over. Back then, the seminar was held in Los Angeles, New York, and a locale in Florida. Last 2011, I learned that they finally included Chicago. By 2012, I had the time and money to do it.
I basically did my best to get ahold of the course subjects and whatever information I amassed, I studied more than 5 times over, so by the time I attended the seminar, I felt I wasn't just blindly attending.

It was also a great time for me to attend, since my latest literary work, Dollman The Musical, A Memoir Of An Artist As A Dollmaker, was basically a script, although my original idea to submit it to Broadway producers. 

As I have been telling people, my book writing promotes my art. It is my way of marketing and branding myself. However, when I write, I make sure that I write great stories, that it make full circles, and that they stand on their own regardless of whether I'm a visual artist or an astronaut. As much as I hone my artistic skills, which currently has been about porcelain / ceramic / ball-jointed dollmaking, and attempt to master it, I approach writing books the same way, that it is a separate discipline that needs to be just right. 
Blogging to me, as you might read here, is essential, but I allow myself to be a little scatter-brained.

I wrote a book in 2006 - a full-length 170,000-word memoir, which I decided to pull out for the meantime. I had a few more books later on. By 2010 and 2011, however, I started to learn new approaches to writing. By November 2011, I finished writing Dollman The Musical, so Dollman incorporated new writing styles and approaches. By 2012, I seem to have incorporated writing scripts into my psyche. Quite timely. Everything converges somehow.

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